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Dr Jerry Simon December 21st, 2023

5 Reasons to Rethink DIY Orthodontics

Think Twice About DIY Orthodontics, Do This Instead: Opt for the Pros!

By Jerry Simon, D.D.S

Today, let’s dive into a trending topic – DIY at-home aligners or any other orthodontic treatments. For a while now, this method of ‘improving your smile’ has gained popularity among young adults. However, with Smile Direct Club recently making headlines for less-than-optimal reasons, it’s time to reconsider why taking a chance on any at-home orthodontics might not be the right move and certainly not a healthier one. Instead, let’s explore the 5 reasons why DIY is not such a good idea and why you should trust a dental expert instead!

1. A Straighter Smile is Not Just for Appearance

Straightening teeth isn’t just about looking good; it’s about nailing that perfect bite. DIY might seem tempting, but trust us, it’s a tricky game that goes beyond a surface-level glow-up. Learn more

2. Risks of Doing it Yourself

Think of DIY orthodontics like attempting to fix your car without the right tools – a potential disaster. It could lead to bite issues, crooked teeth, and even problems like food traps and decay. Or your chosen DIY company could shut down right in the middle of your treatment! Who needs that kind of drama?

3. The Importance of Consulting Professionals

Before you embark on your smile journey, consider this: professionals are like personal trainers for your teeth. With a complete assessment, you’ll have a roadmap for your transformation. It’s like having a skilled guide for your smile makeover at every step of the way during your treatment. At Dental Care Stamford, we provide you with all your options and present a treatment plan designed precisely for your smile goals and desires. We also coach you on how to achieve the best possible outcome. 

4. Why You Need to Work with an Expert

Orthodontists and Cosmetic Dental Specialists are the experts behind the scenes of your smile transformation. They’ve spent years perfecting the art of moving teeth with finesse. They’ve gone through extra years of schooling to improve and hone their skills and education. These are the experts who ensure your smile journey is smooth, flawless, and ends with the best results. Forget the DIY guesswork, with professionals, you will have their expertise to bring out the best in your smile. Professionals keep you on track, whereas with DIY, mistakes can happen, and you don’t have an expert in your corner to fix them right away.

5. Concerns and Warnings that Come with DIY Orthodontic Treatment

Any DIY might seem like a budget-friendly option, but it could end up costing you more. Imagine taking control of a plane without proper training – you wouldn’t do that, you let the experts handle it AND you should do the same with your smile! You only get one set of teeth in your lifetime; don’t risk them! Just ask those stuck in the middle of treatment or dealing with less-than-stellar results. Not the vibe we’re going for!

So, think twice about DIY orthodontics and opt for the pros instead. We are here to help you achieve the smile of your dreams! If ‘affordable’ is the only reason you are considering DIY, reconsider and give us a call. We will work within your budget and offer amazing payment plans. Start with a complimentary consultation, we will show you what is possible. Call 203-324-6171.

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