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Benefits of Using This Service

Sometimes, the benefits behind dentures are the most tempting reason to agree to them. Before you make a decision, then, you need to consider the ways dentures can improve your dental health and life moving forward. Some of the benefits include:

Improves Dental Health

A restorative treatment for a variety of issues (gum disease, tooth decay, dental injury)


Studies show that when a beautiful smile increases your confidence.

Decreases Future Dental Costs

In the long-run dentures is decrease costs for future dental treatments 

Improves Facial Features

An elimination of issues such as sagging cheeks in places with missing teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the FAQ we’ve received from our patients. Have additional questions or concerns, call us: 203-324-6171

The price you’ll pay for your dentures depends on a few different factors. In some cases, you may find that your insurance covers some or all kinds of dentures. Financing plans like those offered by Dental Care of Stamford could also help you to seek affordable dentures.

There’s no denying that cost is one of the main reasons we avoid opting for dentures, with even expensive treatments like crowns costing less upfront. When you consider that preserving your teeth is often an ongoing struggle, though, dentures could still prove to be a modest investment into your future dental health. 

If your dental professional is recommending dentures, it’s a sure sign that you’ve reached that things have already gone too far. Other symptoms dentures could be on your cards include:

  • Frequent tooth pain 
  • Progressive gum disease
  • Difficulty chewing 
  • Growing or shifting gaps between teeth

One of the first things you’ll realize on your denture journey is the fact that there’s more than one type of denture. In fact, dentures come in many forms, and you’ll likely face them all when you search for dentures near me. To help you make the most informed decision, we’re going to consider each:

  • Conventional dentures are the most common option. They are a complete solution for which all other teeth are removed, and gums must heal before insertion.
  • Immediate dentures offer a more immediate solution and can be worn straight after your extraction, though some realignment may still be necessary. 
  • Overdentures are fit over existing teeth in the case where total extraction isn’t needed. 
  • Full dentures replace both your upper and bottom teeth.
  • Partial Dentures fill spaces between existing teeth.
  • Fixed dentures are surgically fixed so cannot be removed.

Even this is not an exhaustive list, though these are the most common options. By knowing what each of these can offer you, you’ll be in the best position to discuss a plan with your dentist moving forward.

Not at all! Whether you’re missing one tooth or many, you can guarantee that the word dentures will come up at some stage. While we once associated this treatment method with our grandparents, dentures are now an affordable and flawless cosmetic option for patients of all ages.

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Our Patients Say it Best!

Hear our patients tell their real story

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