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Headaches: Can They Be Cured?

Dr Jerry Simon July 8th, 2023

Got Headaches?… Can they be Cured? In 10 minutes we can diagnose your neck or facial pain to stop it with a 95% accuracy* 8 out of 10 patients who come to us tell us that they have seen so many doctors in hopes to cure their headaches, but have no luck finding a solution.…

The Science Behind How We Create A Winning Smile

Dr Jerry Simon July 8th, 2023

First impressions: What people notice first is your smile. It is true, we can’t help noticing someone’s smile before we even get the chance to speak to them. It is in human nature to notice things that are slightly off…like food stuck between the teeth, a missing tooth, dark spots or discolored teeth, crooked teeth…

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Dr Jerry Simon April 10th, 2023

ARE YOU atRisk for Oral Cancer? Yes, yes you are! Oral Cancer is more common than you may be aware and it can happen to anyone. At least 53,000 known new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed each year. And at least 8,000 of them lead to death annually. Oral Cancer can be very fatal…

Old Greenwich & Riverside Magazine

Dr Jerry Simon December 8th, 2022

Get to know more about Dr. Simon! Dr. Jerry Simon and his family made the cover of the Old Greenwich & Riverside Neighbors December Issue! Click the link below to check out the magazine and the interview that was written about Dr. Simon, his family and his work in the dental community.  Read Article Let…

The impact your oral hygiene has on your risks for breast cancer

Dr Jerry Simon October 12th, 2022

Together… We Can Fight Against Breast Cancer! October is breast cancer awareness month. 1 in 8 women in America will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Thankfully, science has come a long way in the past 50 plus years that has improved the rates of survival exponentially, but unfortunately it is still not 100% preventable…

Gum Care Awareness Month

Dr Jerry Simon September 13th, 2022

Don’t let your gums suffer. Your gums are more important than you know! The biggest killers of the world: Heart attacks, Strokes, Diabetes, and Cancer. Researchers have proven that any continuous gum inflammation plays a huge contribution to all of these diseases. With gum disease, the inflammation is not just short term like a sore…