Pay Bill Online

With this page – conveniently in one location– you can access all the “Pay Bill Online” links for Dental Care Stamford, Dental Care Kids, and Dental Care Orthodontics. If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call  203-324-6171

  ***Make sure your payment goes to the correct company***

  1. Check your current bill/invoice for which company there is a bill

  2. From the options below, select the correct company you’d like to pay 

  3.  A new window will open to a secured online payment portal with further instructions on how to complete your payment

***Please pay the correct company (Adults, Kids or Ortho)***

If you have more than one bill, please pay each bill separately. You can come back here to pay the bill for another company. Just repeat steps 1-3 for each company.    Thank you very much.

Dental Care Stamford

Dental Care Kids

Dental Care Orthodontics