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Dr Jerry Simon May 9th, 2024

How to Avoid Pain at the Dentist

How To Avoid Dental Pain:

At the dentist, there are 3 kinds of pain we want to avoid. The first type of pain is physical pain, like a toothache. Pain s part of our DNA and serves as a warning hat something is wrong

  • It lets us know that we need to take action.
  • If we did not have nerves to signal us we could not survive
  • If you put your hand on a hot stove the pain tells you to move your hand to prevent serious damage,
  •  If you fall and sprain your ankle, the resulting pain makes you stop walking on it to give it time to heal

In the same way, a really big cavity inflames the nerve of a tooth and sends a pain signal to your brain that you need immediate dental help so the tooth does not rot away.

But we really don’t want to have pain.  We just want to know where the danger is in advance to avoid it. So modern life has ways to avoid the pain and stay safe.

  • We have fire alarms and smoke detectors to sound a loud siren at the first sign of a fire to we don’t have to get burned.
  • There are traffic signs that might say “slow curve ahead “ so you can avoid a crash.
  • Modern cars even have cameras to alert us that another car is too close.
  •  And dentists can check your teeth with cameras and x-rays to find decay before it triggers pain.

So why do people who do have smoke alarms often fail to take advantage of “dental check-up alarms”?

There are several myths that get us in trouble:

  1. You all have heard, the saying, “If it ain’t broke, you don’t need to fix it.” But what if it is broken and you just don’t know yet?
  2. ‘Going to the dentist is expensive.’ ‘Not true! Small cavities are cheaper to fix than waiting until you need crowns and root canals.
  3. People are nervous that going to the dentist will hurt. But a simple check-up to catch problems early is a lot less painful than waiting for infections.

Here are 3 compelling reasons why regular dental check-ups are the modern way to avoid pain:

  • Professional cleanings and exams help remove plaque and tartar buildup, reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease.
  • Fixing cavities and gum disease early helps avoid the major pain.
  • Regular dental check-ups help to remind you to use the right stuff to prevent cavities and gum infections.

The trick to minimize dental pain is to come early and often. Don’t wait until you have physical pain to prioritize your dental health. Schedule your next appointment with us today to experience the benefits of regular dental care firsthand.

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