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Dr Jerry Simon May 18th, 2024

Finding Headache and Migraine Relief in Stamford, Connecticut – Dental Care Stamford Can Help!

Are you tired of dealing with frequent headaches that seem to interrupt your life? Have you sought help from various doctors, yet still haven’t found a solution to your pain? You’re not alone! We all know that Headaches and migraines can be incredibly debilitating. But what if we told you that the source of your pain may could be the result of an uneven bite? In fact, right here in Stamford, Connecticut, Dental expert Dr. Jerry Simon has been transforming the way people perceive and treat headaches for decades. In this blog post, we will explore:

  1. the link between dental health and headache relief,
  2. how correct diagnosis is key,
  3. and how Dr. Simon’s innovative approach is helping patients find lasting relief.

Let’s Start with Understanding Your Headaches:

If you are told that your headaches are due to stress or tension, then you’re not alone. Surprisingly many individuals share this misconception, but the reality is quite different. Stress is not the root cause of headaches. As a matter of fact, over 75% of headaches, neck or facial pain is the result of overworked head and jaw muscles. The reason you are overworking head and jaw muscles is because of a bite imbalance. In other words, the source of your pain could be from an uneven bite.  So, yes, as a result, your headaches may very well be dental-related.
If you suffer from headaches and have not yet found a solution, then request a consultation! Let’s see if the cause of your pain is from your bite. We are here to help!

The Link Between Dental Health and Headaches:

Headache specialists agree that muscles are a common trigger for headaches. Unfortunately, not only do traditional solutions, such as pain medications, provide only temporary pain relief but also cause undesirable side effects. The primary focus should be on making a correct diagnosis. Dr. Jerry Simon uses his FDA-accepted Best-Bite Discluder to diagnose your specific issue. This quick, non-invasive, 5-minute test can determine if your bite is the underlying source of your pain. If the test results show a bite imbalance, then Dr. Simon will present treatment options.

Correct Diagnosis is Key:

It’s essential to understand that headaches are not normal. If you’ve visited multiple doctors without finding a solution, it’s possible that you’ve been misdiagnosed. Unlike many other health issues, there are no medical tests to definitively diagnose the root causes of headaches and migraines. Doctors rely on the symptoms you describe, making these conditions challenging to diagnose and treat. That’s why finding a dentist like Dr. Simon, who specializes in bite-related issues, can be a game-changer in your quest for relief. Call today (203) 324-6171

Our Patients Say it Best:

"Dr. Simon was helpful in diagnosing my misaligned jaw as the root cause of chronic cervical issues and headaches. All my questions and concerns were addressed. I am finally optimistic about alleviating eight years of constant discomfort"
TMJ Patient

If you’re experiencing frequent headaches or migraines, despite the lack of trying.  It’s time to consider an alternative approach to diagnosis and treatment. Dental Care Stamford offers a unique perspective on headache relief. By addressing the connection between dental health and headaches, Dr. Simon provides a path to long-term relief that many other providers often overlook. Don’t let headaches hold you back any longer. Contact Dental Care Stamford to schedule your consultation and begin your journey toward a pain-free life. Relief is possible, and you don’t have to go it alone.

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