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Sebo Marketing October 18th, 2021

Make Dental Care Easier With Rotadent


rotadentDuring orthodontic care protect your smile and investment with good home care! More and more adults today are having orthodontic treatment or straightening as a solution to crowded, maligned teeth or to correct a bite problem. Your dentist wants you to know that one of the most important parts of successful orthodontic treatment is proper daily cleaning of your braces or appliances. This is because orthodontic appliances will constantly catch and retain food debris and plaque.

Plaque consists of millions of little germs which hide around and stick to the brackets, wires and other parts of the appliances. The bacteria in plaque produce acid and the acid eats into the enamel of your teeth. This can cause decay which begins as ugly white or brownish spots. Plaque can also lead to gum disease.

Symptoms of gum disease are swollen, red, bleeding gums and bad breath. In extreme cases, the gums will actually swell over the orthodontic appliances resulting in enlarged gums that may even have to be surgically cut away. However, if you effectively remove plaque every day from your teeth and appliances and receive regular professional care, you can prevent these problems from occurring.

To help insure an improved smile without getting decay or gum disease, our office stresses the importance of daily plaque removal, combined with fluorides during the treatment with braces. Over the years, many of our patients have informed us of how difficult arid time consuming brushing and flossing are; so we recommend the Rotadent instrument as the most effective alternative plaque removal method to use.

Why Rotadent?

The Rotadent instrument has been shown to be effective in over 20 clinical studies. Several of these were long term studies ( 18-36 months), proving the effectiveness of the Rotadent in controlling cavities and preventing gum disease in orthodontic patients. These clinical studies have shown that the Rotadent helps control dental plaque accumulation and inflammation associated with periodontal disease. Rotadent, because of its special patented micro-filament brush tips, brings the effectiveness of your dentist s professional rotary action cleaning instrument right into your home.

What makes the Rotadent work better than other brushes?

Have you ever tried to clean a ring or brass plate with intricate designs using a large bristled brush? It can be done, but it takes longer and you usually miss a spot or two. When you attempt to clean your teeth with a large bristled brush the same thing happens. A tooth is round and has crevices (similar to the design work in the ring), and your teeth are close together adding to the cleaning problem. Braces add even more difficult areas to clean. The Rota-dent instrument is the perfect size for your teeth. The patented brush is made of over 4,000 tiny filaments which is more than double the amount in other types of manual or electric tooth-brushes. These tiny filaments effectively get into the crevices between the teeth and even go below the gum line! When used properly, you will easily and quickly clean your teeth. The Rota-dent is designed to be like your dentist’s/hygienist’s professional instrument. That’s why it works so well!

Why does Rotadent have three brush tips and what makes them so special?

The Rotadent tips are made of thousands of micro-filaments, a design so unique that it is patented. Rotadent was created by dental professionals to meet the needs of all their dental patients. The hollow cup is a universal brush. The short tip brush cleans chewing surfaces, between the teeth, and stimulates the gumline. It is the most effective tip for cleaning around orthodontic appliances. The long tip brush is also capable of cleaning around orthodontic appliances and bridgework when access is even more difficult. Your dentist or hygienist will help you to quickly master the proper use of the Rotadent.


What makes Rotadent different from an electric toothbrush?

Only Rotadent operates and cleans in a similar manner to the dental hygiene handpiece (True Rotary Action). The soft, rotating brushes gently clean each tooth with great precision. Only the Rotadent is capable of cleaning areas that are difficult, if not impossible, for conventional and other electric toothbrushes.

Why does your Doctor recommend the Rotadent?

Dental professionals realize the importance of proper home care. This task is made even more difficult and time consuming while wearing orthodontic appliances. The Rotadent is the solution. The Rotadent was awarded the American Dental Association’s seal of approval for reducing both dental plaque and gingivitis when used as part of a program of good oral hygiene and regular professional care.


“The conclusion of this 36 month study was, Twice daily use of the Rota-dent electric toothbrush and once daily use of a fluoride rinse is more effective for preventing decay during orthodontic treatment than either conventional tooth brushing or similar tooth brushing with a once daily fluoride rinse.”
– American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics,1994

“A high level of acceptance of the Rota-dent instrument was indicated in patients participating in this 18-month orthodontic study.”
– American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics,1994

“The Rota-dent instrument was found to be significantly more effective than the manual toothbrush both in removing plaque and improving gingival health of orthodontic patients.”
– Journal of Dental Research,1992


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