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Teeth Straightening

You’re never too old to have the smile you want

Benefits to Straightening Your Smile

Why enhance your smile? There are many benefits to improving your smile. A straighter smile is more than just for looks. Whether you just want to fix a broken tooth or get a whole new smile, we can can achieve the results of your dreams! To find out if teeth straightening is right for you please call us at 203-324-6171 or request a free consultation.

Overall Health Benefits

Straighter smile is more than just appearance it also improves your overall health. 

More Opportunities

Studies have proven that people with beautiful smiles get better jobs, increased salaries, and more opportunities.

Boosts Your Confidence

When you feel good about your smile, you smile more. When you smile more, you boost your confidence and self-esteem.

We have solutions!

With all our dental specialists in one building, we work together to achieve a smile that is not only beautiful, but healthy, functional and more! Below are some of our solutions for teeth straightening.

Transform Your Smile

Whatever your smile looks like now, you can still transform it into a perfect & healthy smile! Just look at these examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the FAQ we’ve received from our patients. Have additional questions or concerns, call us: 203-324-6171

Braces can either be fixed on the teeth or they can be removable. The removable type of braces usually are for more minor tooth movement so most orthodontic work is done with non-removable braces. If the orthodontist makes a removable appliance for you, you must still wear it almost all the time, except when eating, in order for it to create the tooth movement you want. Taking it in and out frequently lets the teeth move back and it will take a much longer time to get the results you want.

Braces can sometimes be done on the inside so they are not visible, but not always. Also, it is more difficult to work with braces on the inside and so it usually takes longer and is more expensive.


A typical orthodontic case takes around two years but can vary considerably due to the specifics of the individual case. Sometimes young children are treated in two stages, for example, with one to several years in between.


In fact, we cannot predict an exact shade you will achieve by bleaching and we will do our best to advise whether bleaching is a good option for you

Braces can be used for both adults and children. Typically most orthodontists have 30% to 50% of the patients as adults.

In the past, many patients had some permanent teeth removed in the process of braces. Now, modern orthodontic treatment prefers to keep all of the permanent teeth unless there is severe crowding and there is just no room for all of the teeth.

Braces do not cause white spots on the teeth. White spots are due to the person having braces on their teeth and not properly cleaning their teeth.

Braces do not cause decay. Too much sugar and plaque accumulation cause decay. However, braces make it a lot harder to effectively clean your teeth. As a result, we recommend adults and children with braces get their teeth cleaned every three months, use a Water Pik or Hydrofloss irrigator to assist in home care and prescription strength home fluoride daily.

The objective of braces is to move teeth into a position where the bite is good, the smile looks great and the teeth are stable so they won’t shift back. Sometimes this is not done and long-term retainers need to be used or the teeth will tend to shift.


There is no easy way to keep teeth clean with braces. We recommend that anyone with braces come for professional cleanings every 3 months, and in addition to a special Prodentec tooth-brush, use a Hydrofloss irrigator.

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