Keeping our patients and team safe

Going Above and Beyond For Our Patients & Team

During 2020, we developed new protocols, participated in special training programs & invested over $250,000 to massively and dramatically reduce the risk of disease transmission to both staff & patients in our office. While things may be starting to return to normal, our office policies will stay the same. Masks & ALL!

All Our Doctors and Team are all Fully Vaccinated. Some even have boosters scheduled.

Our Enhanced Sanitation Protocols are Here to Stay. Here is What to Expect:

Before Treatment:

During Dental Treatment:

Top 3 reasons why Dental Care is The Most
Germ-Free Building in CT

Fog with HOCL Disinfectant

We fog the entire building with HOCL disinfectant -100% safe for humans and 100x better than Clorox to kill germs and viruses.

Medical Grade Air Filters

Medical grade Wagner Air Filters placed throughout the building that filters the air 6x per hour

Air Sterilization

Hospital-Grade U V Light Sterilization. All the air you breath goes through our sterilizers or is fresh from outside.