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Dr Jerry Simon September 13th, 2022

Gum Care Awareness Month

Don’t let your gums suffer. Your gums are more important than you know!

The biggest killers of the world: Heart attacks, Strokes, Diabetes, and Cancer. Researchers have proven that any continuous gum inflammation plays a huge contribution to all of these diseases. With gum disease, the inflammation is not just short term like a sore throat that goes away after a few days. Gum disease is continuous and the inflammatory chemicals that are in the bloodstream day after day, and year after year, weaken your immune system.

It is not “just gums”.

Any continuous inflammation spreads throughout the body and MEDICAL STUDIES are proving that if you have periodontal disease, you have a higher risk for:

  • Heart Attacks and Strokes

  • Difficulty with Conception, Pre-Term Babies and

  • Miscarriages

  • Diabetic Complications, Pancreatic Cancer

  • and Prostatitis

Our focus is on your total health, not just your oral health. With periodontal disease, we aim to prevent it with regular cleanings and effective home care. If it has already begun, early diagnosis and treatment are the keys to controlling periodontal disease before it gets worse.

Successful celebrities and athletes, like Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Lady Gaga, and Tom Cruise all have coaches to help them get where they need to be… No one who is really successful can do it all on their own. Similarly, everyone who wants to be successful with their dental health needs a dental health coach who can support them, inform them on what to do to prevent dental problems, and show them where they need to improve. 

So as Your Personal Dental Coach, we give you 5  Ways to help prevent dental problems:


1. Get regular cleanings and x-rays at least twice a year:

None of us is perfect and we all need a dental coach to measure our inflammation and bleeding points as well as clean the spots that we tend to miss. With regular trips to the dentist, we can also prevent gum disease from happening or manage gum disease before it gets worse.

2. Brush at least twice a day and clean in between your teeth every day:

Not a quick scrub to freshen your breath—We are talking a good two-minute brush, preferably with an electric toothbrush. Technology with power brushes has come a long way. As for getting in-between the teeth, use a combination of floss, and a water flosser.

3. Clean your tongue:

Get a tongue scraper and scrape your tongue once a day. You’ll find you have fresher breath too! 

4. Eat Sugar Less Often:

 Any time you eat or drink (anything but plain water), the acid in your mouth increases. Pay attention not only to what you’re eating—sugars, carbohydrates, and acidic foods—but also to how often.

5. Use antibacterial products:

  • Therasol actually kills the germs that cause gum disease. 

  • Oxyfresh breaks up the chemicals in plaque. 

  • Xylitol stops the bacteria from making acid out of the sugar foods you do eat.

Check out our related article regarding How to Prevent and Manage Gum Disease. It is not “just” Gums. Learn about what signs to look out for, and the stages of gum disease. 

Early diagnosis is key! Let us help you take care of your smile!

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