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Not Everyone Can Do Weekdays. We’re Ready to Help You Even on the Weekends

As you’ll know if you’ve ever searched for ‘dentist open on Saturday near me’, weekend services like these are a rarity indeed. In fact, there are only a handful of weekend dentists across America, and we’re one of them. If you’re looking for a dentist open on Saturday in Stamford then, we’re both your best and only option.

We understand that dental needs don’t stop with the working week. That’s why we go above and beyond to be there whenever our patients need us. As well as being open through Saturday and Sunday, we also offer treatment through the week from 7 am – 8 pm. Our same-day appointment service also guarantees that you never again need to worry about getting caught short. 

To enjoy these benefits and more, you simply need to contact our team to register on (203) 884-8554. As simple as that, you can kiss goodbye to emergency dental costs and appointments which don’t suit you. We guarantee 100% to offer treatments which work with your lifetyle instead of the other way around!

About Dentists Open on Weekends: Saturday & Sundays

We all dread weekend dental emergencies. Toothache isn’t pleasant at the best of times, but we each pray that it’ll hit on a weekday if it happens at all. When that pain starts, after all, immediate treatment is vital for keeping discomfort to a minimum. Sadly, most dental surgeries shut shop at five on a Friday evening and don’t open again until Monday morning. 

This can be tough to deal with, especially seeing as dental emergencies rarely come at convenient times. If you feel a niggle on Saturday morning, you could be in real pain by Sunday night. That’s not something anyone should have to deal with. And, it’s why we here at Dental Care of Stamford are open every single day, weekends included!

Why weekend dentistry matters

Having a dentist open on weekends near you is vital for a variety of reasons. The most notable is, of course, that of immediate dental care. As mentioned, seeking treatment as soon as you can is the only way to reduce discomfort. Prompt treatment is also best for preventing lasting damage or extensive treatment. Believe us; even a day or two can make a difference. An exposed root, for instance, could need much more attention after two days out in the open!

From a practical angle, access to a dentist across Saturday and Sunday can also make your general dental needs easier to meet. With many dental surgeries open between 9-5, full-time workers often struggle to make time for appointments. They either have to go without or squeeze this into their valued breaks. Luckily, there’s no such need with a dentist who opens on the weekends!

This way, you’ll be able to book weekend slots for everything from general checkup appointments to pre-planned treatments, as well as those emergencies we mentioned. In short; a weekend dentist could save you from ever having to go out of your way again.

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Finding the right dentist can be a challenge. Among other things, you want a dental expert who has extensive experience in their specialty, who will listen to you and will help you choose the right procedure. Dental Care Stamford prides itself on doing all of this and more. We strive to be the best dental experience you’ll ever have.

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A Little About our Area: Stamford, CT

About Stamford, CT

Stamford Connecticut is a bustling city on Long Island Sound with over 80 restaurants and clubs, and something to do at any time of day. With a current population of 129,775, the city is Connecticut’s third-largest and is a hotspot for diversity and fun.

This is the ideal destination for nature lovers, with top destinations in the area including:

As if all those outdoor opportunities weren’t enough to sell Stamford CT, this location has also earned a spot in the top 100 best places to live list. There are various reasons for this recommendation, from the ideal mix of countryside and city life to the variety of housing options on offer for individuals with a variety of needs. Whether you’re a single professional or a family of four; Stamford CT likely has something for you.


The prime location of Stamford CT also plays a part in its popularity, with New York nearby and Manhattan 30 miles away. This is the ideal destination for individuals who want the benefits of big-city commutes without the bustle and prices which come alongside that lifestyle.


As well as being an ideal location for commuting workers with the third busiest train station on the New Haven Line, Stamford CT provides plenty of jobs and opportunities in itself. Whether it’s the easy New York access or the stunning Stamford CT sights which catch your eye, then, you won’t regret considering settling in this area for the long-term.