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Dr Jerry Simon August 10th, 2022

National Smile Week

Protect your smile while you are younger so your teeth stay healthy longer!

As dentists, our goal is to make sure your teeth last. What we wish for our patients is that they have healthy, beautiful smiles for a lifetime. This week is National Smile Week and we want to share with you ways you can increase your odds of longer-lasting smiles.

3 Dentist-Approved Recommendation for Keeping Your Smile Healthy: 

1. Why we tell you to floss daily: We tell you to floss, not for our own benefit but for yours.

  • When you floss, not only do you get all the junk stuck between your teeth, but it also helps your gums. The major contributing factor to gum disease is poor oral hygiene. 
  • Flossing improves bad breath. One of the causes of bad breath is food rotting in your teeth. 
  • Preventing cavities is another great reason to floss. We’ve had patients who are very great about their oral health but forget to floss which can lead to cavities between the teeth. 
  • With flossing, Continue to Brush at least 2 Times A Day!

2. What happens when you frequently snack on sugary treats and beverages: 

We understand that is hard to resist a piece of candy from time to time, but when you are constantly snacking on sugar you are risking your teeth to long-term damage. 

  • Sugar turns into acid. 
  • That acid then eats away at your tooth enamel causing tooth decay
  • The more the tooth decays, the bigger the cavity forms. 
  • Untreated cavities get bigger leading to needing root canals 
  • Untreated root canals lead to losing your tooth and much more! 

3. Please don’t skip your dental checkups!

It’s not enough to just take care of your teeth on your own, every one needs regular dental checkups at the dentist. Even our dental team gets preventative cleanings every six months. Not all symptoms cause pain or discomfort and most of the time if you are feeling pain or discomfort then the problem has become MUCH WORSE. 

If you do at least these three dental tips you are on a good start for a healthy smile for a long time! You can find more ways to stay healthy by checking out our other posts: https://dentalcarestamford.com/blog/

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