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Dr Jerry Simon July 8th, 2023

The Science Behind How We Create A Winning Smile

First impressions: What people notice first is your smile.

It is true, we can’t help noticing someone’s smile before we even get the chance to speak to them. It is in human nature to notice things that are slightly off…like food stuck between the teeth, a missing tooth, dark spots or discolored teeth, crooked teeth or wide gaps.  It is just something humans cannot overlook.

It is no secret that having an attractive smile boosts  confidence and increases self-esteem, but more importantly it also improves your overall health. When your teeth are straighter and are healthy it improves your overall health. Unfortunately not all of us are lucky enough to be born with a perfect smile, that kind of “perfect smile” is created.

When we create that perfect smile, there is a whole lot more to it than simply slapping on some wires to set your smile straight and it is definitely not just placing any size veneers to fill in some holes or gaps…There is science behind how we create a winning smile! Click the link below to learn how it is done!

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