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Benefits of a Tooth Extraction

The benefits of tooth extraction depends on your reasons for having a tooth removed in the first place. As dentists, we want to save your teeth so we will do everything we can to save it first. But some times in some cases the better solution is to remove it before it causes more damage. Here are some benefits as to why it’s better to have a tooth extraction instead: 

Prevent Recurrent Periodontal Infections

Periodontal infections are serious.  They can lead to damage to the surrounding bone tissue. 

Make Way For Mouth Reconstruction

A rotting, damaged or dead tooth can impact your oral hygiene and get in the way of new implants. 

Prevent the Spread of Tooth Rot

One rotting tooth can impact another and lead to severe issues across your entire mouth. Eliminate the risk of spreading.

Relieve Pain

Toothache can be awful. Removing a bad tooth helps to relieve pain and allows you to live your life to the full. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the FAQ we’ve received from our patients. Have additional questions or concerns, call us: 203-324-6171

There are several signs that you might need a tooth extraction. 


  • There’s not enough room in your mouth for the tooth to emerge
  • A tooth is causing repeated gum infections (periodontitis)
  • A tooth has been damaged beyond repair in an accident
  • The tooth is decayed and causing you pain
  • The tooth no longer provides you with a functioning biting surface


Sometimes you need a tooth extraction immediately. If you’re searching for an emergency tooth extraction near me, get in touch with Dental Care of Stamford for the help you need.

Extractions, unlike some dental procedures, are relatively straightforward. The out-of-pocket expense isn’t as high as you might think, but price depends on the nature of the extraction.

At Dental Care Stamford you get a personal treatment coordinator that works with you to help you work out a financial plan so you can get the care you need.

Need financial help or have financial questions: Call us 203-324-6171

The first part of the process is to provide a local anesthetic to ensure that the area is numbed, reducing the risk of discomfort. Then the dentist will cut away any gum or bone around the tooth to provide a large surface area for the forceps to grip onto. Next, they will use the forceps to rock the tooth backward and forwards until they release it from the bone. 

People can have teeth extracted for all kinds of reasons. 


  • Impacted and infected wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are molar-like teeth that erupt at the back of the mouth, often in the lower jaw and, sometimes in the upper. Not all people have wisdom teeth: they are “vestibular,” meaning that they helped our ancestors in some way but are no longer essential for our survival (hence why you can have them out). Wisdom teeth, unfortunately, don’t always emerge properly. Sometimes there’s not enough space at the back of the mouth to house them, and they can push into the surrounding teeth, opening up pockets in the gum that get infected. Often, the only solution is to remove them to avoid repeat infections. 
  • Decayed teeth. Sometimes, teeth can decay to the point where they can no longer be saved — removing them allows the dentist to fit replacement teeth in the form of a denture or crown. 
  • Acid damage. Stomach acid can erode teeth down to the gum to the point where they do not provide an adequate biting surface. 
  • Dental trauma. Physical injury can damage the crown of the tooth (the part above the gum) to the point where the entire tooth needs to be removed and replaced. 

Tooth extraction refers to the process of removing teeth from the mouth. Teeth sit in something called the alveolar bone. In an extraction, the dentist removes the root from the alveolar bone, bringing the crown and the rest of the tooth with it. 

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